I have just finished a set of lessons with PGA Pro Andy Marshall.  My aim was to be more accurate with my drives and to hit more greens with my irons.  Andy soon identfied the flaws with my golf skills then taught me some techniques, methods and moves that have improved my game more than I had hoped.  I now achieve longer drives, better ball flight and am more consistent with my approach shots to the green……..I have no hesitation in recommending Andy’s tuition

Bill McG – Oatridge Golf Club

Andy and I have been working together both in weekly group lessons and individual bi-weekly tuition.  We have been working on improving my posture, staying centred over the ball and making a full shoulder turn which has helped me improve my shot dispersion and ball flight.   I enjoy working under Andy’s guidance as his tuition is clear, conncise and tailored to your individual needs and abilities.  As a result of the tuition with Andy my handicap has reduced from 14 to 11.5

Peter McCormick – Deer Park Golf and Country Club

Having played golf for over 40 years I still feel the need from time to time to have some lessons.  I would definitely recommend Andy as whatever standard you are, he is very patient and has a great approach to the game.  His style of teaching comes from individual needs rather than straight from a teaching manual, i.e. what may work for one, may not work for everybody.  It is very much a case of working with the player and Andy achieves results for his pupils  through patience and perseverance and the ability to see the faults and the potential in the individual.  I always come away from a lesson satisfied that provided I practice what he teaches it has been a worthwhile experience

Eric Mutter – Uphall Golf Club